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PG Lightning Admin 1.1 released

Posted on 2005-08-17

AM Software Design is proud to announce the release of PG Lightning Admin 1.1 and the PGLA end of summer sale.

Anyone who orders a copy of PGLA between August 17th and September 17th and uses the coupon code from this announcement will receive 10 dollars off of the already low 29.99.

Coupon code is: chee7aqu

For more information see:


Changes since the 1.0 release:

  1. Integrated help file with complete PG 8.0.3 docs

  2. Query editor "run as" lets you run queries as other users.

  3. Blob viewer allows you to view blobs as hex,text or image(png,gif,jpg or bmp).

  4. Numerous GUI enhancements including a menu item for every tool bar button,mouse enabled splitters,accelerator keys and tons of shortcuts for the keyboard lover in us all

5.Grant manager is now 10 times faster

6.Quick View property/ACL viewer for DB tree and Enterprise Manager

7.Query editor now receives RAISE NOTICE messages

8.many general bug fixes.

AM Software Design


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