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PostgreSQL Achieves Coverity Quality Certification

Posted on 2005-07-24

EnterpriseDB Corporation, an enterprise-class database company, announced today that its PostgreSQL-based RDBMS was analyzed by Coverity Prevent, the world’s most advanced static software analysis tool, and found to contain only 20 defects in more than 775,000 lines of code. This is the lowest defect density (one defect per nearly 39,000 lines of code) reported by Coverity for an open source relational database. Each of the 20 defects has been remedied, rendering the product “Coverity Inspected” by the terms of Coverity’s rigorous certification program. The fixes will be reflected in the next releases of PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB 2005, expected later this summer. More information and free beta downloads of EnterpriseDB 2005 are available at the company’s website, www.enterprisedb.com. .

Full Press Release

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