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Slony-I 1.1.0 Released

Posted on 2005-06-23

It is available at http://developer.postgresql.org/~wieck/slony1/download/slony1-1.1.0.tar.bz2

There have been a great deal of changes since version 1.0.5,


o Greatly expanded documentation

o Logs optionally include date stamps

o Slonik now supports define/include (similar to CPP)

o Automatic generation of "Listen Paths" (formerly an error-prone manual process)

o slon daemons are greatly more configurable and can use config files

o Log shipping allows creating offline replicas

o Numerous improvements to automate maintenance

o Build environment no longer requires a full PostgreSQL source tree

This enormously eases the use of Slony-I on systems using prepackaged binaries.

o Numerous bug fixes

Many thanks to those who have contributed enhancements, test results, and even bug reports, as all this contributes to improving functionality and stability.

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