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Logicalware get funding for PostgreSQL product

Posted on 2005-06-23

The idea behind MailManager is that it makes sense for organizations to store the email in a relational database.

With MailManager organizations can keep on top of their email even as volumes rise. Team members dealing with email benefit too with several tools to make their job easier including standard reply templates, a central repository of documents that can be attached to out going mail, automatic prioritization of mail and an email search engine so that the information needed to deal with a customer enquiry can be found quickly.

Managers can use it to set email response targets and measure performance against these targets using any of the 17 reports. The reports can also be graphed or exported to Excel for further analysis.

Logicalware chose PostgreSQL to power MailManager because of its stability and standards compliance.

More information is at http://www.logicalware.com

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