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DBD::Pg 1.41 released

Posted on 2005-04-07

Version 1.41 of DBD::Pg, the PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module, has been released. This version is primarily a bug fix for 1.40: if you are using that version (or less), you are highly encouraged to upgrade. COPY support has been overhauled in 1.41, and now uses the version 3 protocol when possible. Support for savepoints is now enabled through the use of three new database methods: pg_savepoint(), pg_rollback_to(), and pg_release(). Please see the documentation for detailed help on these methods, and read the "Changes" file for a complete list of recent changes.

DBD:Pg version 1.41 can be found on CPAN:


Any and all questions are welcome on the DBD::Pg mailing list:


Checksums (sha1 and md5) for the tarball:

19bee3f504cc79118f8085e8b46b03ffe4168590 DBD-Pg-1.41.tar.gz

3f58b53877954f5a07a08e64f6a67287 DBD-Pg-1.41.tar.gz

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