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2UDA RC1, released

Posted on 2015-12-18 by 2ndQuadrant Ltd

2ndQuadrant is pleased to announce the release of the RC1 version of 2UDA (2ndQuadrant Unified Data Analytics). 2UDA is a data analytics application suite that unifies databases, spreadsheets, data mining and visualisation in one seamless desktop installer.

This new release continues to provide easy installation of three open source applications for visual data analysis: PostgreSQL 9.5 RC1, Orange 3.2. and LibraOffice 5.0, which together offer a powerful combination of database, data visualization and spreadsheet in a single, easy-to-use package.

Following the initial release of 2UDA Beta 1 back in October and subsequent release of Beta 2 in November, the development team have continued to make lots of improvements, creating a highly stable product and fixing all of the bugs discovered to date.

Significant improvements to Orange address the requests for additional features and now include:

  • A 'Report' button that can prepare reports of performed analyses.

  • Data loading from Google Sheets URLs

  • New widgets added: Distance Transformation, Random Forest

  • Regression, Regression Tree, Regression Tree Graph.

For more details on all the new features and enhancements, refer to the release notes.

We are particularly appreciative of the people trialling 2UDA and providing valuable feedback to the development team, for both the beta 1 release and more recently beta 2.

This is helping us build a robust software package ahead of GA in January 2016. We encourage everyone to continue to test 2UDA as new versions are released and give us your feedback.

2UDA RC1 is available to download at http://2ndquadrant.com/2uda

You’ll also find more details about the 2UDA project, including a tutorial to download.

Release notes can be viewed at http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/2UDA/ReleaseNotes_9.5-RC1_20151218.txt