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Compiere ERP & CRM Open Source now with PostgreSQL

Posted on 2005-03-22

The Compiere great project, created by Jorg Janke, started working with Oracle. It is a very good solution but still needed to get proprietary software.

We knew about the requirements and necessities of the of SMEs business, reason why we were working to make that compiere, the ERP and CRM solution was 100% open source.

Now e-Evolution make this possible supporting use of Compiere with PostgreSQL 8.0.

For more information of Compiere Libero Solution please see: http://www.e-evolution.com.mx/postgre.html

To get information around Compiere see http://www.compiere.org

Best Regards,

Victor PĂ©rez

CEO e-Evolution,S.C.


Tel: (52) 771 1070937

** Editors Note **

The e-evolution.com website has had some difficulties this past week, so an alternative download has provided at http://w3.tvi.edu/~jharris/CompiereLibero/

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