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Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL ver. 2.0 just released

Posted on 2005-02-11

Microolap Technologies Ltd is proud to announce the new version of "Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL".

PgISQL (Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL) is a powerful database utility for building, executing and processing queries upon PostgreSQL databases, which allows you to build SQL queries visually even without any knowledge of SQL, execute them and get the result as quickly as possible.

What's new:

[+] SSH support;

[+] Batch SQL queries executing;

[+] SQL History for logging all executed queries with grouping by database connections;

[+] Templates manager for creating and editing custom SQL queries templates. Eeach template can be called by predefined keyboard shortcut;

[+] Data export into 14 available formats, including MS Excel, MS Access, HTML, XML, etc.

[+] Full customization of program appearance, editor behavior, etc.

[+] Connection profiles manager;

[+] Embedded Visual Query Builder;

[+] SQL scripts may be loaded/saved from/to external file;

[+] MDI interface for executing SQL queries in separate windows;

[+] Support of all PostgreSQL versions up to 8.x, including Pervasive Postgres;

[+] Fully customizable data grid with abilities of tuning colors, fonts and background bitmaps.

To learn more and to download the evaluation version visit http://www.microolap.com/products/database/pgisql

Till February, 21, 2005 we're offering the 10% discount for our customers.

Educational and Academic organizations, their employers and students will get 50% discount by request (sales@microolap.com).

Thank you for your time!

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