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Npgsql0.7 beta3 now available!!

Posted on 2004-11-21

Npgsql 0.7beta3 development release

Features added:

Large Object support: Npgsql now supports large object operations. Thanks Emiliano Necciari (e dot necciari at blogic dot it) for the patch!

Bug fixes:

Added workaround when using extended query mode to add parameter types explicitly when sending Parse messages. Backend was sending errors for some queries like (select * from t where $1 in (...) ). Backend was saying it could not recognize parameter type of $1. Thanks Martin ( martijn at boland dot org) for heads up.

Fixed parameter replace when next byte after parameter name is '\\r'. Thanks Ivan Radovanovic (rivan at sezampro dot yu) for the fix.

Fixed NpgsqlDataReader.GetBytes: Added a little fix for proper handling of getbytes with current Npgsql semantics in mind. For while, we just support offset value of 0 as we read all the bytes field value at a time. So there is no copy when offset is not 0.

Fixed IDisposable pattern implementation of NpgsqlTransaction. Now it doesn't incorrectly raise InvalidOperation exceptions. Thanks Ivan Radovanovic ( rivan at sezampro dot yu ) for heads up.

Fixed NpgsqlCommand.Connection set property. Now connection values can be set when a connection is in place, but just if the connection being set is the same as the connection which the transaction is running on. Thanks Ivan Radovanovic ( rivan at sezampro dot yu ) for heads up.

gborg 1000: Fixed NullReferenceException when setting parameter value to DBNull after creating parameter without specifying its NpgsqlDbType.

Fixed NpgsqlDataReader.GetBytes for .Net 1.0 compliance. CopyTo() doesn't have an overload which takes an Int64. Thanks Brar Piening (brar at piening dot info) for heads up

Fixed assembly info version to 0.7.

Fixed handling of invalid authentication methods. Thanks Magnus Hagander (mha at sollentuna dot net) for the heads up.

You can download Npgsql source or bin from:


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