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QtSqlBrowser 0.8 Release

Posted on 2004-09-22

The purpose of this project is to provide a simple, generic GUI database browsing frontend. The tool is a very simple aggregation of the Qt database classes. The database abstraction is provided by the Qt database drivers. The drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL have been found to work well. If you have a commercial version of Qt, you can make use of the bundled drivers for Oracle, TDS and DB2.

In principle, there is no reason why ODBC3 drivers for popular databases such as Oracle, DB2, Informix as well as Firebird and SAP/DB shouldn't work.

The tool is currently stable and quite usable but not feature complete. The following features have been completed:

* Tree browser for databases and tables

* Display of table descriptions

* Display of table contents in main window

* Execution of ad-hoc SQL queries in the query tab

* Command line history in the query tab

* Retrieval of database connection details from XML config file

* Retrieval of other configuration parameters from XML config file

* Prompting for connection password

* Addition of new connections via GUI to the running application and the config file

* Display database views with a separate icon

* Create a connection name independent of the database name

* A "Test" button when creating a new connection

* Dynamically generate a list of available drivers

* Configuration via autoconf

* Fixed bug with executing updates/inserts twice

* Refreshing of a DB connection

* Deleting of connections via the GUI

* Editting of connections via the GUI

* Check for the existence of ~/.qtsql

* Creation of skeleton config file

* Auto saving/restoring of history

The following features will be implemented as a requirement for a 1.0 release:

* Saving of queries and results

* Saving application dimensions on shutdown

* Detect PK/FK/UNIQUE constraints

* Keyboard shortcuts

Website: http://www.mobiustech.net/qtsql/

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