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shadonet.com introduces free PostgreSQL hosting

Posted on 2004-06-30

ShadoNet.com has introduced free PostgreSQL enabled hosting accounts with 100 MB storage and 1.5 GB transfer.

ShadoNet is already a PostgreSQL FTP and HTTP mirror but wanted to do more to advocate the usage of the excellent PostgreSQL database server, in order to accomplish this we have introduced free PostgreSQL web hosting.

With an Equivalent bandwidth of over 8000 T1 Internet connections we have the bandwidth to handle even the most bandwidth consuming applications and websites.

* Gigabit link to Time Warner

* 5 Gigabit links to Verio

* Gigabit link to Cogent

* 2 Gigabit links to Allegiance

* Gigabit link to Williams

* 3 Gigabit links to MFN

* OC3 (155 Mbit/s) link to Savvis

* DS3 (45 Mbit/s) link to ELI

Our servers are Linux or FreeBSD based and run Apache 1.3.31 with PHP 4.3.7. PostgreSQL 7.4.3 is currently installed with 7.3 available on request.

ShadoNet closely monitors the servers and will not oversell resources.

To open your new free hosting account simply select the free account and you will receive confirmation and account details within hours.

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