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PostgreSQL 7.4.3 Now Available

Posted on 2004-06-15

After several fixes were backpatched to the 7_4_STABLE branch, we have now released PostgreSQL version 7.4.3. As the list of Changes since 7.4.2 is quite small, they are included below:

  • Fix temporary memory leak when using non-hashed aggregates (Tom)
  • ECPG fixes, including some for Informix compatibility (Michael)
  • Fixes for compiling with thread-safety, particularly Solaris (Bruce)
  • Fix error in COPY IN termination when using the old network protocol (ljb)
  • Several important fixes in pg_autovacuum (Matthew T. O'Connor)
  • Fix problem with reading tar-format dumps on NetBSD and BSD/OS (Bruce)
  • Several JDBC fixes
  • Fix ALTER SEQUENCE RESTART where last_value equals the restart value (Tom)
  • Repair failure to recalculate nested sub-selects (Tom)
  • Fix problems with non-constant expressions in LIMIT/OFFSET
  • Support FULL JOIN with no join clause, such as X FULL JOIN Y ON TRUE (Tom)
  • Fix another zero-column table bug (Tom)
  • Improve handling of non-qualified identifiers in GROUP BY clauses in sub-selects (Tom)
  • Do not generate "NATURAL CROSS JOIN" when decompiling rules (Tom)
  • Add checks for invalid field length in binary COPY (Tom)
  • Avoid locking conflict between ANALYZE and LISTEN/NOTIFY
  • Numerous translation updates (various contributors)

As always, this release is available via ftp on all our mirrors.

And, thanks to David Fetter, is also available via BitTorrent.

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