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PostgreSQL 7.4.2 Released

Posted on 2004-03-11

After several fixes were backpatched to the 7_4_STABLE branch, we have now released a 7.4.2. As the list of Changes since 7.4.1 is quite small, they are included below:

NOTICE: unlike most minor versions, this version does require some updates to the pg_* system tables. Full instructions for how to do this are included in the full HISTORY file. Do not upgrade without reading these instructions

* Fix pg_statistics alignment bug that could crash optimizer

* Allow non-super users to update pg_settings

* Fix several optimizer bugs, most of which led to "variable not found in subplan target lists" errors

* Avoid out-of-memory failure during startup of large multiple index scan

* Fix multibyte problem that could lead to "out of memory" error during "COPY IN"

* Fix problems with "SELECT INTO" / "CREATE TABLE AS" from tables without OIDs

* Fix problems with "alter_table" regression test during parallel testing

* Fix problems with hitting open file limit, especially on OS X (Tom)

* Partial fix for Turkish-locale issues

* Make pg_dump set client encoding on restore

* Other minor pg_dump fixes

* Allow ecpg to again use C keywords as column names (Michael)


* Fix ecpg crash for queries calling set-returning functions (Michael)

* Various other ecpg fixes (Michael)

* Fixes for Borland compiler

* Thread build improvements (Bruce)

* Various other build fixes

* Various JDBC fixes

As always, this release is available on all our mirrors.

And, thanks to David Fetter, is also available via BitTorrent.

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