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phpPgAdmin 3.3 Released

Posted on 2004-02-25

phpPgAdmin 3.3 builds upon the 3.2.1 release adding some new features, bug fixes and stability. The new features are:

* Database dump feature, which uses pg_dump

* Large speed improvements by reducing number of database

connections and using external style sheet.

* SQL pop-up window now defaults to the current database

* Display aggregates and operator classes

* Integration with the PostgreSQL statistics collector. See

table and index performance and usage information.

* Display user session defaults for PostgreSQL >= 7.3

* Rename user feature for PostgreSQL >= 7.4

* Create functions returning arrays and table types

* Allow editing Select results by oid

* Allow pagination of queries entered in the SQL box

* Allow EXPLAIN ANALYZE of SQL queries (in both SQL boxes)

* Default cursor conveniently in SQL box and Find


Download right now from:



The phpPgAdmin Team

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