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PL/Java 1.5.0 announced; security note.

Posted on 2016-03-29 by PL/Java Project

PL/Java brings functions, triggers, and types in Java. 1.5.0 supports latest PostgreSQL and Java versions with a range of improvements and fixes.

Project site: http://tada.github.io/pljava/
Release notes: http://tada.github.io/pljava/releasenotes.html

Security note:

Several security issues are addressed in PL/Java 1.5.0, as described in the release notes, so sites running earlier versions are encouraged to update. The release notes also describe practical mitigations to reduce risk until an update can be completed.


PL/Java 1.5.0 works with Java 8, 7, or 6 and all 9.x PostgreSQL versions as well as 8.4. To support projects based on older PostgreSQL forks, PL/Java 1.5.0 is also intended to build with 8.3 and 8.2, but has not been tested on those versions.

PL/Java 1.5.0 resolves reported build issues on several platforms, and new sections of the build documentation specifically cover Mac OS X, Solaris, Ubuntu, and Windows (using Visual Studio or MinGW-64). FreeBSD 10.2 or later is expected to work but has not been tested.


PL/Java 1.5.0 brings more complete, usable, and documented capability for Java-implemented user-defined base types, composite types, and mirrors of existing PostgreSQL types, an annotation-driven SQL generator reducing the effort of writing deployment SQL by hand, and many smaller improvements and fixes detailed in the release notes. The supplied examples cover many of these features.


PL/Java 1.5.0 is available from GitHub as a source release, which builds quickly using Maven:

Release page: https://github.com/tada/pljava/releases/tag/V1_5_0

This wiki page will add links to prebuilt packages that become available.

Many thanks to all the individuals and organizations listed in the release notes under Credits.