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PoWA 3.0.0 released

Posted on 2015-12-07 by Dalibo

Paris, December 07 2015

DALIBO is proud to present the third release of PoWA, the PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer.

Realtime traffic analysis and dynamic graphs

PoWA is a workload analyzer that gives a clear view of the activity of your PostgreSQL servers with a query runtime graph and a block hit/read graph along with a chart of time-consuming queries over the specified time period.

If you zoom anywhere in one of the graphs, the chart will adjust and show you which queries were running at that time. If you click on a specific query, you will get additional graphs such as read/write time, number of rows affected, local and shared hit, etc.

Better predicate analyzer

The pg_qualstats extension stores new counters. It's now possible to know the most executed predicates in relation to all the related queries. It also tracks non-normalized queries so that it’s possible to execute an EXPLAIN of any query tracked by pg_stat_statements.

Database global optimization

PoWA is now able to use statistics about every predicate used by any query executed on a database to suggest the smallest index set that optimizes every one of those predicates.

In particular, the heuristics place heavy emphasis in consolidating many indexes into one by giving preference to definitions spanning multiple columns. This can provide new information about the actual load and correlation between predicates that are traditionally hard to discover for the DBA.

Index suggestion check

Thanks to the HypoPG extension, the benefits of the suggested index creations can automatically be checked by running the queries against hypothetical indexes. You can see instantly if the suggested index is relevant and how much it'll improve the query.


DALIBO would like to thank the users and developers who contributed to this release.

PoWA is an open project available under the PostgreSQL License. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You just have to send your ideas, patches or features requests using the GitHub tools or to powa-users@googlegroups.com


For PoWA 3.0.0:

For the stats extensions:

About PoWA

PoWA is PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer that gathers performance stats and provides real-time charts and graph to help monitor and tune your PostgreSQL servers.

Code & Demo at dalibo.github.io/powa


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