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Bi-Direction Replication, version 0.9.1 released

Posted on 2015-06-03 by 2ndQuadrant Ltd

June 01 2015

2ndQuadrant is pleased to announce the release of Bi-Direction Replication, version 0.9.1

This new version (0.9.1) is a maintenance release focused on stability and performance.

For a complete list of changes, see the "Release Notes" in "More information" below.

Featured release notes

  • Rename 'bdr' reserved db to 'bdr_supervisordb', prevent users from connecting, and protect against drop

  • Bug fixes in bdr_init_copy handling of connection strings

  • Fixes for UNLOGGED tables in the command filter

  • Permit fast shutdown when replication is paused

  • Remove slots when parting a node

  • bdr.table_set_replication_sets no longer requires permit_unsafe_ddl_commands

More information

Bi-Directional Replication (BDR) is an asynchronous multi-master replication system for PostgreSQL, specifically designed to allow geographically distributed clusters. Supporting up to 48 nodes (and possibly more in future releases) BDR is a low overhead, low maintenance technology for distributed databases. For more information visit http://2ndquadrant.com/bdr