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pg_catcheck released

Posted on 2014-05-13 by EDB

EnterpriseDB is pleased to announce the initial release of pg_catcheck, a catalog integrity checker for PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

pg_catcheck is a simple tool for diagnosing system catalog corruption, released under the same license as PostgreSQL itself. pg_catcheck reports logical errors in system catalogs, such as a value in pg_catalog.relnamespace that is not present in pg_namespace.oid. It is intended to make it easy to determine the nature and extent of system catalog corruption so that you (or your PostgreSQL support provider) can take whatever recovery actions you might deem appropriate, such as repairing enough of the damage to take a successful pg_dump of the damaged cluster. pg_catcheck has been tested on Linux and Windows and is expected to work on other operating systems, and it supports server versions 8.4 and newer.

For more details, see the source code and README here.

You can join the project mailing list, pg-catcheck@enterprisedb.com, here.