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SQL Spreadsheets released

Posted on 2013-07-19 by Yohz Software/Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd

Yohz Software has just released SQL Spreadsheets, a Windows application that lets you export result sets to Excel spreadsheets with embedded images and links to blob data, and deliver them to end users via email, ftp or file copy. It supports various database servers, including PostgreSQL 7.1 upwards.

SQL Spreadsheets allows you to:

  • export result sets to spreadsheets and embed images directly in your spreadsheets
  • create links in your spreadsheets to exported binary files
  • automatically identify most common image formats stored in your blob columns
  • automatically identify most common file formats stored in your blob columns
  • deliver the spreadsheets to your users via ftp, email or file copy
  • schedule jobs to run periodically to export data to spreadsheets
  • connect to PostgreSQL databases without the need to install any additional drivers


About Yohz Software

Yohz Software is a micro-ISV specialising in developing database applications.