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AXLE improves analytics on Big Data

Posted on 2013-04-30 by 2ndQuadrant Ltd

The AXLE Consortium are pleased to announce the start of the AXLE database research project, funded by European Union under FP7 grant. axleproject.eu

The objectives of the AXLE project are to greatly improve the speed and quality of decision making on real-world data sets. AXLE aims to make these improvements generally available through high quality open source implementations via the PostgreSQL database and Orange data visualisation and data mining tools.

AXLE project members are

Areas of research will include data analysis algorithms for Big Data, advanced hardware architectures, data visualisation and security. Target environments are real-world data in the 10-100 TB range.

"Real world data needs good security too, so we'll be making sure we have high grade security that works well even with high performance requirements", says Simon Riggs, CTO of 2ndQuadrant and Principal Investigator for the AXLE project. "We're very happy that the European Union has recognised the potential of the PostgreSQL database to provide effective database analytics for a broad range of business, research and public services."

First deliverables from the project will be submitted to PostgreSQL version 9.4, available in 2014 and will continue in later releases.

Project updates will be available regularly here as work continues.