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Aqua Data Studio 12.0 - Big Data Performance & ETL Shell for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2012-10-22 by AquaFold, Inc.

Great news! We are excited to announce Aqua Data Studio 12.0, the latest version of our award-winning PostgreSQL database tool. We listened to your feedback and made it our mission to optimize your user experience in order to achieve massive speed gains for Big Data, plenty of GUI enhancements, and an overall more responsive application. We've even updated most of our underlying framework components to bring you better reliability and scalability. It's the best version of Aqua Data Studio ever.

What would a new release be without significant new features? Version 12 now includes FluidShell, an interactive shell combining the best of PostgreSQL command line + Unix shell, which will greatly assist you in automating all your database interactions.

Huge Performance Gains for Big Data

Lightning Fast

We've scoured our code to look for ways to improve Aqua Data Studio response times dramatically when dealing with very large data sets. You're going to love the results. We've sped up large script execution by 4x, query results by 10x, table data editor 380x and resultset compare by 850x. We've also made some core enhancements that make the app feel much snappier. Learn more

Connection Pooling Manage and Scale Your Connections

Connection Pooling allows you to share connections across multiple query windows. Instead of creating a new connection for every query window, Aqua Data Studio will acquire a connection from the pool at the time of query execution and automatically allocate and de-allocate connections as necessary. Learn more

Breaking the 65k Limit

When exporting to Excel, pivot grids are no longer limited to 65,000 rows. Plus, your customized chart color properties in Aqua Data Studio are now preserved in Excel. Learn more

The All-new FluidShell

Automate your database interactions

FluidShell is an interactive shell that combines the power of the SQL command line with the versatility of a Unix shell. Use the shell to connect to databases, execute queries, change history buffer and more. Then, take the output of your SQL statements and run them through powerful Unix functionality such as grep, pipelining, input/output re-direction and variable substitution to extract and transform your data any way you choose. Plus, we've exposed many of Aqua Data Studio's native UI features to FluidShell, so you can invoke import/export operations, schema compares, and more—directly from the command line. Learn more

More Powerful UI

A brand new visual editing style

Our new tab based schema viewer and editor eliminates the modal dialogs to make multitasking a breeze. Now you can view and edit several different schemas simultaneously across different databases. Learn more

A more feature rich editor

We've enhanced the usability of our editor by offering line wrapping, block selection copy and improved support for abbreviations. It's the best editor we've ever built. Learn more

Every setting at your fingertips

Aqua Data Studio offers hundreds of configurable options to customize the product to suit your needs. A new intelligent search box in the Options window now lets you quickly find any setting—instantly. Learn more

Latest Database Upgrades

Latest Database Drivers

We've upgraded to the latest JDBC drivers for PostgreSQL, PG - Version 9.1-902 in order to provide peak performance you'll really notice.

Free Download & Evaluation

Aqua Data Studio 12.0 comes with more than 80 new features that build on what is already the best IDE for all your relational database needs. It's absolutely free to try. Download now.

You can run both your existing version and an evaluation version of 12.0 simultaneously. All of your registered servers and customizations will be automatically recognized by both.

Learn more about Aqua Data Studio features:

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Contact Us

For licensing questions, subscription renewals or upgrading to version 12.0, please contact us at license@aquafold.com. For technical support, you may use our discussion forums, issue tracking system or contact us directly at architect@aquafold.com.