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DbWrench Database Design v2.3.1 Released

Posted on 2012-09-02

Version 2.3.1 of this database design and round-trip engineering software has been released.

DbWrench is a database design and synchronization software.

It is designed to increase the productivity of database developers by making creating and modifying databases much easier.

Its features include:

  • a graphic entity relation diagram (ERD) designer

  • forward engineer database designs with automatic SQL DDL script generation

  • reverse engineer and visualize existing databases

  • a built in syntax highlighting SQL query editor

  • runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux all in a single license

A free trial download is available at

New in this release:

This release focused on improvements and enhancements to the diagramming and forward engineer features. In particular several refinements to the Click Actions feature were implemented. A query builder feature was scheduled for this release as well, however it was not completely ready by the release date and thus will be available in the next release.

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