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PostgreSQL 9.2 Beta 3 Now Available

Posted on 2012-08-06 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the third beta release of PostgreSQL 9.2, which will include major increases in performance and both vertical and horizontal scalability. The PostgreSQL Project asks all users to download and begin testing 9.2 beta 3 as soon as possible.

9.2 Beta 3 includes multiple bug fixes to earlier beta releases, fixing almost all known outstanding issues as of last week. Among them are:

  • Multiple documentation updates
  • Apply translation updates
  • Fixes to transaction log and replication issues with SP-GiST
  • Replace libpq's "row processor" API with a "single row" mode.
  • Fix WITH issue with set operations (UNION/INTERSECT/EXCEPT)
  • Improvements to Autovacuum cancellation
  • Multiple pg_upgrade fixes
  • Fix memory leak in pg_recievexlog
  • Restore statistics collection broken by change to bgwriter
  • Prevent corner-case coredump with rfree().

If you previously tested 9.2 beta and found one or more bugs, please test 9.2 beta 3 and make sure that those issues are resolved. If you haven't yet tested 9.2, please help out the PostgreSQL project by testing it now! More information on how to test and report issues is on the Beta Page.

Get PostgreSQL 9.2 beta, including binaries and installers for Windows, Linux and Mac from our download page.

Full documentation of the new version is available online, and also installs with PostgreSQL.