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Postgres Enterprise Manager 2.1 is released

Posted on 2012-04-12 by EDB

Surging demand drives EnterpriseDB to release a new version of Postgres Enterprise Manager with SNMP and email alerts, an audit manager and user access controls, dramatically expanding its enterprise-class feature set

BEDFORD, Mass. EnterpriseDB, the leading worldwide provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle database compatibility products and services, today announced the growing interest in Postgres among larger enterprises has driven the number of installations of its Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) to more than 2,000 in just six months. In response to the outpouring of interest and demand, EnterpriseDB has released Postgres Enterprise Manager 2.1 with a collection of new features designed to further address the more complex needs of managers with very large-scale Postgres deployments.

PEM 2.1 adds a series of highly configurable dashboards, new features for scheduling and organizing management tasks and enhanced alerting capabilities. The new version further eases the management of large-scale PostgreSQL deployments by giving managers the ability to control user access on a per-server basis.

Postgres Enterprise Manager was released in August to equip users with an enterprise-class tool designed for managing large-scale deployments of PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server. The tool provides database administrators with a single console to monitor, manage and tune multiple Postgres installments simultaneously.

“More big companies are coming to us as the reliability and performance of Postgres achieves greater recognition among the Fortune 500. We’re keeping pace by making the tools that these power users need to manage vast deployments,” Ed Boyajian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB, said. “Combining end user feedback and input from the developer community, we developed Postgres Enterprise Manager 2.1 to give users greater insight into their installations and greater flexibility to manage them. And we will continue to innovate in keeping with our mission to provide the enterprise with a powerful database to rival traditional, proprietary databases but at a fraction of the price.”

"We've recently worked with clients who have deployed Postgres Enterprise Manager to manage their large, multi-instance deployments of Postgres," Joseph Conway, President and CEO of credativ Group LLC, said. "PEM is an excellent visual tool that greatly simplifies the management, monitoring and tuning of these instances, and clients have reported they've achieved significant time savings in a very short amount of time."

Enhanced Alerts, New Dashboards and More

Postgres Enterprise Manager 2.1 – the only management tool of its kind for PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server – includes the following enterprise-class enhancements:

SMTP and SNMP Alerting – The management tool may now be configured to send alerts over regular email, using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), or through complementary software solutions, using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). PEM 2.1 further enables end users to designate the delivery mechanism on a per-alert basis and includes “flap detection” so users aren’t flooded with unnecessary alert messages. PEM 2.1 also significantly expands the ability to configure alert definitions.

Audit Manager – End users now have the power to perform bulk configurations of audit features on the servers hosting Postgres Plus Advanced Server. They can schedule when the database gathers log information, which is stored centrally. Further, users can review the logs using a new dashboard that is visually comparable to social networking tools and loads the log files on-demand as the end user scrolls.

Role-based User Designations – Administrators now have the power to define or limit visibility of specific servers using role-defined controls. Enhancing flexibility and easing overall administration, this ability gives administrators the mechanisms they need to efficiently use Postgres Enterprise Manager in multi-team environments.

Expanded Dashboards – The dashboards now use Ajax to load charts and graphs and therefore can auto-refresh on a configurable, per-item interval. End users will find enhanced navigation within the dashboards, and expanded tables in other dashboards. Users may also configure alerts directly from the dashboards by clicking on the alert name.

High-Availability Support – Administrators may link Postgres Enterprise Manager to high-availability systems so that server monitoring can be moved automatically to the standby host in the event that a server is failed over. SQL Profiler – Feature enhancements allow filtering on any field giving users insight into server activity and helping diagnose and fix poorly performing SQL statements.

Server and Agent Installers – The server installer enables the end user to install PEM database server and web services on different machines; the agent installer has been enhanced to allow users to specify alternate locations for storing certificates used for authentication.

To download Postgres Enterprise Manager, please visit our Postgres Enterprise Manager page for more details.

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