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PostgreSQL 7.3.3 Now Available for Download

Posted on 2003-05-27

As the PostgreSQL developers continue to move forward on the upcoming v7.4

release, several bug fixes have been tag'd as being safe to back-patch

into the v7.3.x branch.

It has been almost three(3) months now since the last release on the v7.3

branch, and there have been several fixes back patched, suitable for

production release.

As such, the PostgreSQL Group is pleased to announce the availabilty of

v7.3.3 for download from ftp://ftp.postgresql.org/pub/source/v7.3.3, as

well as all mirror sites.

This release, as with all minor releases, does not *require* a dump/reload

to be upgraded to, but there is a change to pg_proc, as pertains

timestamptz_izone that only takes effect after an initdb ...

Please report any bugs with this release to pgsql-bugs@postgresql.org

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