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PostgreSQL 7.2.4 released

Posted on 2003-01-31

In order to address several critical issues that have been recently identified, we have tag'd and packaged up a v7.2.4 release of PostgreSQL, aimed at those unable to upgrade to the v7.3 code.

Major changes in this release are:

  • Fix some additional cases of VACUUM "No one parent tuple was found" error
  • Prevent VACUUM from being called inside a function (Bruce)
  • Ensure pg_clog updates are sync'd to disk before marking checkpoint complete
  • Avoid integer overflow during large hash joins
  • Make GROUP commands work when pg_group.grolist is large enough to be toasted
  • Fix errors in datetime tables; some timezone names weren't being recognized
  • Fix integer overflows in circle_poly(), path_encode(), path_add() (Neil)
  • Repair long-standing logic errors in lseg_eq(), lseg_ne(), lseg_center()

This release is backwards compability to the previous v7.2.x releases, and does not require a dump/restore to upgrade.

Due to the extent of the changes between v7.2.x and v7.3.x, as pertains to the use of bison, for those wishing to build from CVS, you will need the older version of bison. bison v1.75+ will not work.

This release can be found on all mirrors, as well as the main site, under:


Please submit any bug reports for this release to:


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