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Rdbhost's Rdbadmin Utility version 4 released

Posted on 2011-03-25

Rdbost is a service (at www.rdbhost.com) that makes SQL databases available, using the PostgreSQL engine, over HTTP. It enables you to build database-backed web applications in JavaScript with zero server-side coding required. It includes a security system of white-listing queries.

Rdbadmin is a pure JavaScript program that provides database management tools for RdbHost databases.

New in this version:

a function editor for SQL/PL/pgSQL functions

trigger management

dynamic sql display for all operations

more 'browser-like' behavior: forward/back buttons work

shortcut operations to white-list queries

The Rdbadmin app is available online as part of the Rdbhost service, or as a download (runnable elsewhere), at:


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