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PG9 now available on webhosting in Zurich

Posted on 2011-03-16

PostgreSQL 9.0 is now available with all webhosting plans from BASIC Hosting (EUR 10.90 per month) onwards on webhosting in Austria and in Switzerland.

=> http://en.edis.at/web-hosting_5.htm

EDIS runs its own datacenter in Graz, Austria (GRZ) and is offering virtual hosting "local presence" services in Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland) and London (UK). This means, that EDIS customers are able to choose where they want their webpages to be hosted at. Hosting in Austria, Germany, UK or Switzerland means that webhosts have IP-addresses from the corresponding countries assigned and are physically located in the fastest available datacenters. Moving websites closer to the potential customers has a positive impact on customer experience when browsing the pages and on the search engine results.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us any time at support@edis.at or at one of our international freelines. Our website is http://www.edis.at/

Best regards,

Gerhard Kleewein



Widmannstettergasse 3

A-8053 Graz

UID: ATU 64124511

phone: +43 316 827 500 300

fax: +43 316 827 500 777


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