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A Call for PostgreSQL Case Study Participants

Posted on 2003-02-01

This is a call for PostgreSQL Case Study participants.

We're looking for volunteers running PostgreSQL in their companies, or who have good contact with companies running PostgreSQL, to please assist us in creating a large number of good quality, reference PostgreSQL Case Studies.

Carol Ioanni <cioanni@digitaldistribution.com> will be assisting the PostgreSQL Global Development Group for the next few weeks by working with businesses who volunteer to be a part of this PostgreSQL initiative.

We really need everyone to get the go-ahead from the appropriate people in their companies or clients, and then email Carol so she can begin the PostgreSQL Case Study creation process with them.  It's fairly simple, just a matter of filling out a detailed worksheet with information about why PostgreSQL was chosen, and a few simple details about the implementation, plus signing a waiver to legally let us use the information.

These PostgreSQL Case Studies will be profiled on the PostgreSQL Advocacy and Marketing website, with links where appropriate to the participating organisations, or their referenced product pages:


We feel we need enough PostgreSQL Case Studies to categorise them by industry segment (i.e. finance, agricultural, telecommunications) and also by the size of the enterprises themselves (i.e. small business, medium enterprise, etc).

If you can help us out, please email either Carol or myself and let us know.

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift, <justin@postgresql.org>

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

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