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phpPgAdmin 5.0-beta2 Released

Posted on 2010-10-01

The phpPgAdmin Team announce its 2nd beta version of phpPgAdmin 5.0 (aka PPA 5.0).

For a full description about PPA 5.0, please refer to the first beta announce:


To download this beta right now, visit:


Changelog since beta1


  • Update Spanish translation(Miguel Useche)
  • Update Czech translation (Marek ÄŒernocký)
  • Update Portuguese-Brazil translation (Fernando Wendt)
  • Update French translation (JG 'ioguix' de Rorthais)
  • Update Catalan translation (Bernat Pegueroles)

Bug Fix

  • Fix bug #3068680 "child tables info uses wrong field name", reported by langerheiko
  • Fix bug #3071816 "First column in a SQL result missing", reported by Yilmaz ULKUSAL
  • Multiple fixes about auto-completing Foreign Keys in forms, one bug reported by Dmitry Koterov
  • Fix bug #2876417 "SQL window too small size to see bottom buttons (Execute)", reported by Philippe Cloutier
  • A tryout to fix some bad escaped chars that are breaking the left browser tree with some specific locale configuration
  • Remove "display_errors = on" by default (only useful during development)

Plus some small cleanup found on our way.



The phpPgAdmin Team

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