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CHAR(10) - Clustering, HA and Replication Conference

Posted on 2010-03-31

CHAR(10) conference has announced a Call for Papers, deadline 20 April 2010.

Talks will be selected based upon their novelty but also upon their ability to explain to a wide audience of users, architects, developers and infrastructure specialists.

Talks may cover any of the following topics:

* User implementation experience

* Comparisons and migration experiences

* Product/project overviews

* Latest news from specific projects

* Benchmarking, performance or detailed investigations

* Internals and design, including future project proposals

* Advanced theory and new academic work

* Visionary papers on requirements or industry directions

Speakers will be selected by an invited technical panel consisting of representatives from development, academic and users.

Speakers will receive free conference attendance and free accommodation.

Further information http://www.char10.org

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