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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.6 released

Posted on 2009-09-10

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development.

You can download the newest version at


What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.6?

  1. Added support of new PostgreSQL 8.4 features:

* Variadic functions; functions returning table; function argument default values.

* ON TRUNCATE triggers.

* SELECT queries containing WITH clause.

* pg_dump/pg_restore options (the options are added to the Backup and Restore Database wizards).

* Sequence’s start value.

  1. SQL Editor.

* Using macro is now possible.

* Highlighting of the corresponding brackets is added.

* Fixed several bugs concerning the incorrect parsing of table aliases in queries.

* The line with an error was not highlighted correctly even if the error message contained the correct information. Fixed now.

* Query interruption is now performed via libpg.dll instead of the pg_cancel_backend function. It is not necessary to be a superuser to interrupt your own query.

* If a file name and location were too long for the window title, the utility used to cut the filename. Now it cuts the file location.

* When a query returned the Infinity value to a timestamp filed, the utility used to display this value as Null. Fixed now.

  1. Data View.

* When viewing table data, BLOB data are now loaded from server only when accessing them.

* The support of the Infinity, -Infinity and NaN values is added for ‘real’ and ‘double precision’ fields.

* The Perform data sorting on client and Perform data filtration on client options were removed. The utility now selects the optimal mode automatically.

* A syntax error sometimes occurred on inserting huge data to a bytea field. Fixed now.

  1. Function Debugger.

* The RETURN QUERY and RETURNING … INTO … statements are now supported.

* An error occurred on fetching data from ‘for execute’ cursor. Fixed now.

* A syntax error used to occur if a function contained FOR … IN EXECUTE … LOOP statement. Fixed now.

  1. Extract Database.

* Non-user objects used to be loaded when extracting a whole database. Fixed now.

* The Add OID into object comments option is added.

* The speed of the data extraction is increased.

* The Constraints’ description was extracted as COMMENT ON INDEX that resulted in an error. Fixed now.

  1. Function Editor.

* Cursor data returning by a function can now be exported.

* The ‘List index out of bounds’ error occurred when editing some functions’ body. Fixed now.

* When compiling a function returning data of the composite type, the utility generated the wrong script. Fixed now.

  1. Functions’ DDL.

* Arguments are ordered in a column now.

* The Parameter name was not quoted even if it was a key word. Fixed now.

* The “char” (pg_catalog.char) parameter was displayed as CHAR. Fixed now.

  1. Changing Metadata.

* The Recompile with Double Timeout and Recompile with Unlimited Timeout buttons now appear if the script execution was stopped due to timeout limit exceeding.

* Monospaced font is used for error messages containing a code fragment and an error position pointer.

  1. Grant Manager. When granting rights to a table with the SERIAL field, the utility now suggests granting rights to the corresponding sequence.

  2. SQL Script. If a file name and location were too long for the window title, the utility used to cut the filename. Now it cuts the file location.

  3. Export as SQL Script. When a table definition was formed during the export to PostgreSQL, field types used to be defined incorrectly. Fixed now.

  4. DB Explorer. The Restart Sequence command is added to the Task menu.

  5. Data Export. When exporting data of the decimal type with the precision more than 14 digits, the numbers were rounded to the 4th decimal digit. Fixed now.

  6. Table Editor. The Refresh command didn’t work at the Description tab. Fixed now.

  7. The wrong script was generated when NOT NULL fields were added to a table containing default values. Fixed now.

  8. View Editor. Sometimes the query text was formatted improperly. Fixed now.

  9. Print Metadata. The long function title used to hide the part of the function text in the report. Fixed now.

  10. Visual DB Designer. If a field that connects tables was dropped and diagram containing these tables was opened, the “List index out of bounds” error used to occur. Fixed now.

  11. SQL Monitor, Backup/Restore wizards. Non-English messages weren’t converted from UTF-8 to Unicode. Fixed now.

  12. Fixed some errors that occurred when working in the Floating windows mode.

  13. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.

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