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once:radix release 1.5

Posted on 2009-08-26

On the second anniversary of the launch of once:radix, once:technologies is pleased to announce another groundbreaking advance with the release of once:radix version 1.5. This update paves the way for the next stage of development: The company plans to launch its flagship application, once:fabrik – built on the once:radix platform – as an open source project in September this year. once:radix 1.5 is faster, even more reliable and comes with new features that further enhance user experience. Significant improvements in speed and stability have been achieved through continued development. It comes with an impressive list of new features including simpler record locking/unlocking, faster data drill-down and new server monitoring and debugging tools. Built on the latest releases of some of the world's best-of-breed open source projects, it includes PostgreSQL 8.4, Java 1.6, Tomcat 6 and JasperReports 3.5. In addition, it is certified Firefox 3.5 compatible. This release is easier to install and is compatible with a wider range of server architectures. Pre-release testing has received enthusiastic response and has proved its reliability in commercial applications that range from SMEs to large banks and government departments. Advertising, graphic design, business consulting and manufacturing are a few of the industries using applications built on the once:radix platform. once:radix is the world's first browser-based Rapid Application Development system for Intranet and eXtranet environments. Create advanced database-driven web applications that require no expertise in the underlying technologies. Just point and click with pixel-perfect precision. Even developers with limited experience can quickly build and deploy sophisticated applications with once:radix. For large commercial projects it is a proven performer, with systems built on this platform now supporting businesses with large numbers of concurrent users around the globe. Using its visual database and page design tools, sophisticated applications can be constructed within the browser-based GUI editor. Tables, fields, joins, conditions and other database design functions are supported. Installers for Linux and Windows are now available for download. A Mac OSX installer will be completed soon.

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