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Jitterbit 3.0 Beta Now Available

Posted on 2009-06-09

Jitterbit’s open source integration solution addresses the cost and complexity typically associated with integration, reducing project delivery time by up to 80 percent over alternative options. Its unique “no-coding” approach allows business analysts to graphically configure and manage their cloud computing integration and on-premise application and data integration projects.

The new version can be used to solve nearly any integration requirement in today’s more complex and distributed business infrastructure. New features include:

Team/user management – Jitterbit 3.0 includes new features for multi-user environments, allowing multiple users to download and work on a project simultaneously.

Project management – Jitterbit 3.0 provides the ability to view and manage all projects from a single, intuitive screen interface, and features new robust backup and restore functionality.

Customization management – Jitterbit 3.0 is more flexible than ever, with an enhanced library of "auto-complete" global variables, plug-in management and a user-friendly script debugger, supporting complex multi-step operations and scripts.

Upgrades and new connectivity – Jitterbit 3.0 delivers real-time support for any type of data via HTTP endpoints, full JDBC support and performance gains for faster processing and transaction times. Jitterbit 3.0 is optimized on PostgreSQL.

To learn more about the features in Jitterbit 3.0, visit http://www.jitterbit.com/Product/jitterbit-3-enterprise-integration.

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