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Tryton 1.2 is out

Posted on 2009-04-24

Step by step Tryton is getting more features while sticking with the central goal of providing a solid and powerful platform for creating enterprise solutions. This new release comes with some exciting new features. The most noteworthy are:

* Historical data handling: This feature can be enabled with a simple attribute on any model. Once activated the kernel transparently archives every modification made to the records of the model in a history table. Records are accessed in a standard way by passing a date in the context to get the record values relevant for that date. This makes looking up historical data easy. The first module using this new functionality 'Account Invoice History' is described below.

* MacOS client (beta): The Tryton client is now available as a native MacOS application (for MacOS > 10.4).

* Email as attachment functionality for reports: In addition to being opened directly, each report can also be automatically added as an attachment to an email. The user's email client is used to open a Compose Email window with the report as an attachment. The subject, the recipient and other information are automatically filled in with respect to the current document.

* Online VAT checking: A new wizard allows the user to automatically check VAT numbers of parties with an online web service provided by the European VAT Information Exchange System.

* Integrated sale and purchase order handling. Cancellation of shipments or of draft invoices can be handled directly from the corresponding sale or purchase order. This is possible thanks to the back-propagation of information from the shipment or the invoice. This allows the sale or purchase manager to re-create necessary documents or to ignore cancellations.

This release also comes with lots of bug fixes for the server, client and modules. As well as a split of the Spanish and Colombian translations. As promised, this version will migrate automatically databases created with Tryton 1.0, except for the completely new tax rule system that need some parametrization.

A more complete list of the new features on http://www.tryton.org/news.html#n20090420

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