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PostgreSQL Maestro 9.2 released

Posted on 2009-03-03

SQL Maestro Group announces the release of PostgreSQL Maestro 9.2, a powerful Windows GUI solution for PostgreSQL server administration and database development.

The new version is immediately available at


New features:

  1. SQL Editor: support for explicit transaction management has been implemented. Now you can execute queries either in autocommit mode (default behavior) or manage transactions manually. In the second case you have to issue the BEGIN statement to start a transaction and explicitly end the transaction by COMMIT or ROLLBACK statements (it is also possible to use the corresponding links at the editor's navigation bar).

  2. Notices and warning messages generated by the server are now displayed in SQL Editor and SQL Script Editor.

  3. Table inheritance management has been improved. Starting with this version you can add and drop parent tables for existing tables as well as open a parent table editor directly from the child table one.

  4. Field Editor: now it is possible to select some predefined default values such as CURRENT_USER for VARCHAR columns or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for TIMESTAMP columns from the list instead of entering them manually.

  5. PL/pgSQL Debugger: debug API functions are not displayed unless the "Show system objects" option is turned ON.

  6. Remote database management via HTTP tunneling: the connection script now can be stored in a password protected directory.

  7. Data Export wizard has been significantly improved. Now you can export data to Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Word 2007, OpenDocument Spreadsheed, and OpenDocument Text file formats and select the result file encoding (ANSI, UTF8, UTF16, UTF32, OEM, Mac). Also the wizard has been completely redesigned to increase the usability.

  8. Visual Query Builder has been dramatically improved. Now it can produce INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements as well as the SELECT statements containing subqueries and/or UNIONs.

  9. Trigger Editor: the Code Completion feature becomes available for the NEW and OLD keywords.

  10. SQL Editor: starting with this version PostgreSQL Maestro highlights the error line after executing an erroneous query.

There are also some other useful things. Full press release is available at the SQL Maestro Group website.

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