17th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 RC 1 Released!

TeamPostgreSQL web-based (AJAX) administration released!

Posted on 2009-02-04

Consisting of a server application and an AJAX web client, TeamPostgreSQL is ideal for sharing web access to PostgreSQL databases across an organization or a development team. An alternative to phpPgAdmin, TeamPostgreSQL's main advantages are a fast and user-friendly interface and team collaboration features such as easy sharing of SQL snippets and scripts.

In addition, TeamPostgreSQL includes a number of innovative productivity features guaranteed to make users happy, a few of which are:

  • Quick Query: One-click search of all tables, rows and columns for a single value (f.ex. just enter a customer id and hit search)

  • Tabbed SQL editors with open/save function

  • Rich row viewer with collapsible, sortable columns

  • Column-type specific widgets for inline row editing, f.ex. upload and download data directly to/from binary fields

  • 'Favorites' function for storing and sharing SQL snippets and scripts

  • Dynamically collapsible, resizable GUI sections

  • Connects to any database on the network or on the local machine

Available for all major platforms at:


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