17th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 RC 1 Released!

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.7 released

Posted on 2008-12-15

Full changelog:

[!] Table dependent composite type can be used now

[+] "Use SQL standard type names instead of specific PostgreSQL" option added

[+] ALTER TABLE ... ADD CONSTRAINT supported in SQL Script Reverse Engineer now

[+] AutoInc option is set for columns with SERIAL and BIGSERIAL types while SQL Script Reverse Engineer

[+] Comment support for constraints, indices, triggers and rules added

[+] Fill Factor and Tablespace support added for UNIQUE and PRIMARY KEY constraints

[*] Added checking to exclude return type "trigger" for stored routine in SQL language

[*] Object creation order can be changed in Generate Database now

[*] Repair Model improved for stored routines

[*] Scale of underlying numeric type of domain is reversed now

[-] "CREATE TABLESPACE cannot be executed from a function or multi-command string" error fixed

[-] "EAccessViolation error occured while Reverse Engineer table field with user defined type" bug fixed

[-] "EZeroDivide: Floating point division by zero" bug fixed

[-] "Impossible to select "xml" and "bit varying[]" types" bug fixed

[-] "Index Manager doesn't allow edit attributes" bug fixed

[-] "Invalid Type Cast error while Reverse Engineer SQL Script with table constraints" bug fixed

[-] "Schemas have invalid object identifiers after Reverse Engineer SQL Script" bug fixed

[-] "Sometimes objects have smaller width then needed after zooming" bug fixed

[-] "SQL Script Reverse Engineer failed for numeric precision and scale" bug fixed

[-] "SQL Script Reverse Engineer incorrectly parses dollar-quoted stored routine definition" bug fixed

[-] "SQL Script Reverse Engineer incorrectly parses single-quoted stored routine definition" bug fixed

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