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PostgreSQL 7.2.3 Released

Posted on 2002-10-06

In order to address a potentially critical bug in the VACUUM code, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group is releasing v7.2.3 of PostgreSQL.

This release includes a fix for a serious problem that has affected all 7.2.* releases: if a VACUUM command is run by a non-superuser, it is sometimes possible for the system to prematurely remove old transaction log data (pg_clog files). This can result in data becoming unrecoverable. All 7.2.* installations are urged to update to 7.2.3 as soon as possible.

Other changes include;

Prevent non-superuser from increasing most recent vacuum info (Tom)

Handle pre-1970 date values in newer versions of glibc (Tom)

Fix possible hang during server shutdown

Prevent spinlock hangs on SMP PPC machines (Tomoyuki Niijima)

Fix pg_dump to properly dump FULL JOIN USING (Tom)

This new release is available on all standard mirrors, or at the main ftp site of:


Any bug reports concerning this release should be reported to pgsql-bugs@postgresql.org.

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