pgDay Santiago 2019

Date: 2019-10-29
Location: Santiago, Chile, RegiĆ³n Metropolitana, Chile
Language: Spanish; Castilian
PostgreSQL Community Event This event is recognised under the community event guidelines.

pgDay Santiago 2019 will be held in Hotel Director Vitacura (Av. Vitacura 3600, Santiago), with Spanish-language talks from expert speakers in a range of topics:

  • New features in PostgreSQL 12
  • PostgreSQL 13: what's cooking for the next one?
  • Management of large PostgreSQL deployments
  • Case studies, migration stories, user stories, support stories
  • Tools and utilities for PostgreSQL
  • Stories or tooling for performance, tuning, management, etc
  • Replication, clustering, high availability, disaster recovery, backups
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Orchestration, automation, DevOps, continuous integration

The Call for Papers will be open until September 15th. Submit yours today!

Posted by Grupo de Usuarios de PostgreSQL de Chile.

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