Date: 2020-04-17 – 2020-04-18
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Language: English

Welcome to the second PostgreSQL Conference happening on 17-18 April 2020 in Nepal. After the successful organization of the first-ever PostgreSQL Conference Nepal in May 4-5, 2018, we are excited to announce this year’s conference. In the previous conference, we had quite a few exciting talks from internationally renowned and prominent personalities from the PostgreSQL community as well as from many local speakers. We hope to continue the trend for this year and have similar support from the international community as well as locally. This year also coincides with the “Visit Nepal 2020” campaign of the Nepal Government and we hope to welcome a significant number of people from the PostgreSQL community as speakers and participants. With the increased globalization trends in recent years, Nepal has continued to be one of the major attractions not just because of its rich natural beauty but also because of the fact that it contributes significantly to the global software development ecosystem through our talented pool of Nepali computer professionals. In this context, Open Source applications and solutions like PostgreSQL have a lot of prospects in the overall development and prosperity of Nepal. One of the goals of PostgreSQL conferences in Nepal is to add momentum to the current use and adoption of PostgreSQL as a first choice of the database, fuel the advocacy and awareness about the use and benefits among policymakers and implementation agencies in the government, private and the public. This conference is an opportunity to bring together local and international experts, novices, enthusiasts and the like to discuss technical, non-technical, social and other issues on PostgreSQL thus helping to build a strong PostgreSQL community in Nepal which will not only be capable to solve the local technical problems locally but provide an international platform to the community members.

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