Date: 2016-12-06 – 2016-12-07
Location: New York, United States
Language: English

CHAR(16) is an international conference to discuss the business/technology interface and how we address the problems and need for scalability within the data architecture. CHAR(16) will celebrate and showcase the significant developments the leading PostgreSQL engineering teams have made in the areas of Clustering, High Availability and Replication. This year’s CHAR conference will take place in New York, December 06, 2016 (with an additional training day on December 07) and will bring together the most prominent organizations, thought leaders and contributors to database engineering and science, to present and discuss this highly important topic.

CHAR(16) will be a unique opportunity to hear from world-class experts, talking about both recent achievements and the exciting developments ahead. Hear from the engineers who are leading the research to ensure current and future data demands are addressed.

Scheduled Talks

Microservices & Data Integration – Petr Jelinek

Scaling for Peak Workloads – Peter Eisentraut

Will your app scale? – Simon Riggs

Enterprise Data Architecture with PostgreSQL – Kevin Kempter

Panel Discussion (Q&A) - Vertical or Horizontal Scaling: which is right for your business?

Parallel Data Mining – Pavan Deolasee

Cross Regional Business Continuity – Gianni Ciolli

The Future of Postgres Sharding – Simon Riggs

Training Day

An additional (and optional) training day is organized for December 07 covering three topical subjects. More details at


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