ConFoo 2013

Date: 2013-02-25 – 2013-03-01
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Language: English

If you have never heard of ConFoo, it is one of the most important developer-oriented conferences. The team brings 100 speakers from around the globe to share their hands-on experience with various web technologies. The best news is: it’s driven by the community and is non profit!

1h presentations cover: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, .NET, Java, e-Commerce, Security, Mobile, UX and other topics. The schedule is quite impressive. We also have hands-on training and a hackaton in the two days before the main event. Watch out video.

The event is at the Hilton Bonaventure Montreal, from February 27th to March 1st. Tickets are sold online.


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