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Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day

Date: 2012-02-09
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

The "call for papers" is open, so if you'd like to present something interesing and relevant at the conference, send us some basic info at info@p2d2.cz. Especially we need this:

  • contact info (name, phone, company)
  • topic of the session (abstract, what is the goal, etc.)
  • expected length (usually 40 minutes)

This is a developer conference, so we're interested mostly in session from the user/developer point of view. Let us list several interesting aread just for inspiration:

  • new, unique and unconventional ways how to use PostgreSQL
  • migrating production systems to PostgreSQL
  • DWH systems based on PostgreSQL
  • hacking PostgreSQL code
  • problems when deploying PostgreSQL
  • other open source databases (Firebird, MySQL, ...)

But this list definitely is not comprehensive, there are many other interesting topics.

We're looking for two english-speaking guest, the other talks will be in czech language. We're going to cover travel and hotel expenses up to about 500 EUR (should be enough for 2 nights in a hotel and air ticket from Europe).

The call for papers ends on January 6, 2012 (end of day). The talks schedule will be announced till January 13 (and the registration will open at the same time).

The conference is organized by Pavel Hak and Tomas Vondra and other members of the Czech and Slovak PostgreSQL Users group. If needed, contact us at info@p2d2.cz

Posted by CSPUG (Czech and Slovak PostgreSQL Users Group).

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