CHAR(11): Clustering, HA and Replication Conference

Date: 2011-07-11 – 2011-07-12
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

CHAR(11), the conference on Clustering, High Availability, Replication will be held in Cambridge, UK on 11-12 July 2011.

Speakers will be announced by May 3. There will be 15 expert-level speakers, mostly technical project leads of either software projects or ground breaking user implementations. Speakers from Americas, Europe and Asia are expected.

The conference is aimed at senior technical staff, architects, project managers and IT management.

Early bird bookings are available online *NOW* by card or paypal only. £345 plus tax, if applicable.

Later bookings or those requiring an invoice will be charged at £395 plus tax, if applicable.

Full details available at the event web site.

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