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Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day 2011

Date: 2011-02-10
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

** Call for Papers **

Starting today, the usual "call for papers" is open so if you would like to present something interesing and relevant at the conference, send us

some basic info to info@p2d2.cz. Especially we need this:

* contact info (name, phone, company)

* topic of the session (abstract, what is the goal, etc.)

* expected length (usually 40 minutes)

* whether you have already presented this session (or a similar one) at another conference

We're really interested in traditional session from the user/developer point of view, as well as in business view. There are many interesting topics related to PostgreSQL, but let us list several examples just for inspiration:

* new, unique and unconventional ways how to use PostgreSQL

* migrating production systems to PostgreSQL

* DWH systems based on PostgreSQL

* hacking PostgreSQL code

* running PostgreSQL in unconventional (e.g. embedded systems etc.)

* database products based on PostgreSQL (forks and derivates in general)

* problems when deploying PostgreSQL

* pros and cons when deciding whether to use PostgreSQL or some other database (from developer/user/manager point of view)

* current trends in DB world (e.g. NoSQL)

* other open source databases (Firebird, MySQL, ...)

Or some other interesting topic, related at least loosely to PostgreSQL ...

We'd like to have two english-speaking guest, the rest of the conference will be in czech language.

** Schedule **

The call for papers ends on January 9, 2011 (i.e. 10.1.2011 00:00). The schedule will be announced til Friday January 15 and the registration will be open at the same time.

** Acknowledgements **

We'd like to thank The Department of Software Engineering of the Charles University in Prague for helpful and flexible negotiation and for providing us the place.

** Schedule **

* call for papers - 13.12.2010 - 9.1.2011

* announcing schedule and opening registration - 15.1.2011

* the conference itself - 10.2.2011

** Contacts **

This time, the conference is organized by Pavel Hák (pavel.hak@gmail.com) and Tomas Vondra (tv@fuzzy.cz).

Posted by CSPUG (Czech and Slovak PostgreSQL Users Group).

Note: The PostgreSQL Global Development Group does not endorse any events run by third parties. No guarantee of the quality of events is offered whatsoever.