Case Studies: Vanten Inc.

Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Company Background

Vanten Inc. develops Open Source technology solutions for the Japanese marketplace. They have extensive experience in the development and implementation of solutions for many types of enterprises, with the goal of providing cost-effective solutions using the latest technologies.

Finding A Scalable Solution For Large Data Sets

In a deployment for an ISP backed by DaieiOMC, Japan.s 5th largest credit card company, Vanten sought a solution that would support their large data sets as well as scale with the growth of their business. The goal was a system that could handle data for hundreds of thousands of ISP users while not adding significant cost to the implementation.

PostgreSQL Scales To Fit The Task, And At The Right Price

Vanten selected PostgreSQL as one of the key components for their solution, relying on the power and extensibility of the database even under heavy load.

Integrating with other Open Source technology and taking advantage of the "free" licensing of the PostgreSQL technology, Vanten was able to keep their costs down significantly and pass the savings onto their customer.

According to Chris Phelan, CEO of Vanten, the deployment provided the ISP with "a solution that helps them do their business more efficiently and profitably."