Case Studies: Mohawk Software

Milton, Massachusetts, United States

Company Background

Mohawk Software provides consulting services to many types of companies seeking to deploy complex knowledge management and data mining systems. They provide solutions that match the power and sophistication of larger systems deployed at Fortune 500 companies, while proving to be easy to administer and cost significantly less than their proprietary counterparts.

Challenging Proprietary Databases

For many projects, including handling data from the US Census, Mohawk sought a solution that could handle the demands of large data sets as well as supporting industry standards for access and control of data.

Before Open Source alternatives such as PostgreSQL, Mohawk would have had to settle for a proprietary system that may or may not support open data-handling standards. The cost for their clients would also have been prohibitive, and would not be feasible with the minimal budgets allocated for information technology.

PostgreSQL Implements Standards And Exposes Powerful API

By using PostgreSQL in their deployments, Mohawk Software was able to reduce the hassle and extra development involved with a deployment, while providing the latest and most standard compliant software for their clients.

"PostgreSQL handles virtually all the standard SQL constructs. It is easy (relatively speaking) to administer, it is fast, it is efficient, it has a great API, and it supports ODBC, why would you choose something else?. states Mark Woodward, Independent Consultant from Mohawk Software.

"Any responsible CTO/CIO should seriously evaluate lower cost alternatives [such as PostgreSQL] first."