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Re: MS-Access in PostgreSQL ... I can ´t...

From: Frank Seesink <frank(at)mail(dot)wvnet(dot)edu>
To: pgsql-cygwin(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: MS-Access in PostgreSQL ... I can ´t...
Date: 2004-04-09 15:31:59
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Lists: pgsql-cygwin

It sounds like you're relatively new to using PostgreSQL and/or Cygwin, 
not to mention databases in general, so I'll try to be more specific in 
my questions.

1.  If you bring up the Cygwin BASH shell and type the following
     command, what do you get?

	$ cygcheck -c cygipc cygwin postgresql

     (This is how you can see what versions of various Cygwin packages
     are installed, by the way.  To see the breakdown of ALL Cygwin
     packages, just type 'cygcheck -c' and you'll get everything.)

2.  Why are you using an old version of pgAdmin?  The latest version is
     pgAdmin III and it's v1.02 as I write this?  Please visit this site
     for more info and to download the latest (unless you have absolutely
     concrete reasons for running old software, which I doubt):

3.  When you install pgsqlODBC (details available here):

     you are NOT replacing Microsoft's ODBC with PostgreSQL's.  You are
     basically adding to Microsoft's ODBC driver set, thereby allowing
     you to create an ODBC connection to a PostgreSQL database.  The
     whole point of ODBC (OPEN DataBase Connectivity) is to hide/mask
     the backend database store and provide a singular interface through
     which to communicate.  This allows you to rip out the database
     backend and replace it with another without your frontend apps even
     being aware it happened.

4.  pgsqlODBC, once installed, requires you to configure a DSN
     (typically a System DSN) that maps a nice 'pretty' ODBC name
     like 'MyDB' to the actual backend PostgreSQL database store.  This
     means providing the database name, a PostgreSQL username/password
     which has access to that database, etc.  If this is confusing to
     you, I strongly suggest you read more first, as this is basic to
     working with PostgreSQL and using ODBC in general.

5.  From the first sentence in your reply, I get the strong impression
     you really do not understand what you are working with.  If I see
     it right, you are attempting to use the pgAdmin client to connect
     to a Microsoft Access database (.MDB file) using ODBC.  That does
     not make ANY sense, as pgAdmin is a GUI tool for connecting to a
     PostgreSQL database, NOTHING MORE.  If you want to connect to a
     Microsoft Access database, why are you not using Microsoft Access
     itself???  If you have some kind of Access .MDB file which you are
     storing on a Linux box, let's say, and wish to have access to the
     data, what on earth are you doing here on the CYGWIN POSTGRESQL
     MAILING LIST?  Because if that IS what you are attempting to do,
     you're lost and need to go research something like the MDB Tools
     project (which I believe is trying to at least document the .MDB
     file format and create tools to convert/use the data in them), as
     this has NOTHING to do with PostgreSQL at all.

6.  Notice how much time/effort I took the write the above.  Most
     people on these mailing lists are going to ignore someone who
     posts as vaguely as you do.  I am trying to help, but do not
     expect me (or anyone else for that matter) to do this when you
     don't help yourself by at least providing the basics of what it
     is you're doing, and demonstrating you have taken at least the
     smallest effort to research the issue yourself.  The folks on
     this list are extremely helpful and like to help anyone sincerely
     making an effort to learn/use PostgreSQL under Cygwin.  But those
     too lazy to do any work themselves rarely get responses.  You
     need to make an effort yourself.  I strongly encourage you to go
     sit down, carefully define what it is that you are trying to do,
     then CLEARLY post a question to that effect here IF what you are
     trying to do truly involves using PostgreSQL running under Cygwin.
     At this point I STILL do not know what it is that you are trying
     to do, but I won't be doing the above again.

Topo Gigio wrote:
> Friends,
> Thank for your help. After this, I installed pqsqlodbc, but i can´t see the fields where put database ACCESS
> (MDB), or path this file. Could you help me, please, if is possible?
> My configuration: Athlon Barton 2.5 Ghz, HD 40, 512MB. I´m using windows xp professional, cygwin, cygipc, 
> pgAdminII v 1.16, Access XP. Localhost and port number is 5432.
> Before, I´m using ODBC Microsoft, maybe this it´s one problem, too.
> I´m looking for your reply.
> Topo_Gigio_Agudos.
> ------- Original message ------- 
> From: Frank Seesink <frank(at)mail(dot)wvnet(dot)edu> 
> Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 23:24:55 -0400 
> Subject: Re: [CYGWIN] MS-Access in PostgreSQL ... I can ´t... 
> Topo,
> Question:  What EXACTLY are you trying to do?  Quick recap, there's
>  * PostgreSQL (running under Cygwin)
>  * PostgreSQL ODBC driver (separate download/install)
>  * pgAdmin III (latest/greatest Windows GUI client front-end...
>    to PostgreSQL ONLY!)
>  * MS Access (version?)
> The more details you provide, the better.  For example, what versions do 
> you have of each of the above?  What about Cygwin, what version are you 
> running of that?  Have you done the basics, like installing PostgreSQL 
> and making sure it works properly by itself, using the pgsql client CLI?
> If you're working with computers, you really need to get into a clean, 
> straightforward methodology on troubleshooting to make sure you have all 
> the pieces in order.  In the case of PostgreSQL, always be sure the 
> basics work (using just the PostgreSQL tools themselves), and only then 
> start trying to plug in more complicated things like pgAdmin III, or MS 
> Access (which in turn requires using the pgODBC driver).
> What are you really trying to do here?  Are you trying to store data in 
> a PostgreSQL database, then hook into that data using MS Access as a 
> sort of front-end?  If so, you need to make sure of the following, in order:
> * Is PostgreSQL itself working ok?  Can you use pgsql to connect to and 
> communicate with PostgreSQL?  How is PostgreSQL configured, using 
> internal sockets and/or TCP/IP?
> * Have you downloaded/installed the appropriate pgODBC driver for your 
> version of PostgreSQL?  I believe you normally just want to have the 
> latest installed, but check the docs.
> * Have you gone into your ODBC control panel and created an ODBC 
> connection to your PostgreSQL database, making sure to use an 
> appropirate username/password/etc.?
> Your email does not provide enough detail regarding what it is you have 
> done, what it is you are doing, what versions of software you are 
> running, etc.  The more info you provide, the better chance you have 
> that someone on this list will understand your problem and the more 
> likely you'll get a response that helps you.
> Topo Gigio wrote:
>>I tried, but I can´t. 
>>I just installed MDAC from Microsoft, but I can´t connect MS-ACCESS. When I clicked in button Connect, 
>>nothing to do, only my screen blink. This screenshort show me:
>>DataSource: I put my OBDC Connection
>>Below, show me: driver, driver version, user, server name (ACCESS), etc.
>>Please, Could you help me, please?
>>Thanks and Regards.
>>------- Original message ------- 
>>From: Christof Glaser  
>>Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 10:20:56 +0200 
>>Subject: Re: [CYGWIN]  MS-Access in PostgreSQL ... I can ´t.... 
>>Am 08.04.2004 um 03:45 schrieb Topo Gigio:
>>>        I need to connect MS-ACCESS inside my PGADMIN (Postgresql). I 
>>>used   Tools>, selected database (directly or by ODBC), clicked button 
>>>connect, but doesn´t appear nothing, nothing
>>>to do.
>>>        For example: I´ll read tables from MS-ACCESS, filter some 
>>>fields(data) which need, load on PostgreSQL.
>>>Important, I need read the data from database MS-ACCESS, not only 
>>>structure. Anyway, Select and Insert? I
>>You can connect to Postgres database tables from within Access (linked 
>>ODBC tables).
>>Then you can do "Queries" in Access and select/copy the data as you 
>>I think you cannot connect to an Access database (or any other database 
>>except Postgres) from
>>PG-Admin, since that is designed specifically for Postgres.
>>Best regards,
>>Christof Glaser
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