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Re: FW: Setting up of PITR system.

From: "Rajesh Kumar Mallah" <mallah(dot)rajesh(at)gmail(dot)com>
To: andy(dot)shellam(at)mailnetwork(dot)co(dot)uk
Cc: pgsql-admin(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: FW: Setting up of PITR system.
Date: 2006-03-29 12:45:59
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Lists: pgsql-admin
On 3/28/06, Andy Shellam <andy(dot)shellam(at)mailnetwork(dot)co(dot)uk> wrote:
> we want to remove archived WAL log files which are no longer needed
>  so that the size of wal_archive folder is under control.
>  The DOCs say that filenames numerically less than the WAL record that
> pg_stop_backup()
>  suggests can be removed. Will an alphabetical sorting be different from
> numerically sorted
>  filename ?    Sorting numerically is not easy as the filenames look like
> HEX numbers
>  ut they are are so huge that they cant be stored in normal integers
> (32bits).
> The WAL files are all numerical – however the backup file has the checkpoint
> appended to it – eg. 00009012514000916.A0AC91.backup.
> You need to examine the contents of this file to find the earliest file
> needed (it's usually the one just before it – i.e.  00009012514000916 in
> this case) and any numerically later than the .backup file.
> Also you wouldn't particular need any heavy programming – I'm sure a simple
> shell script could be written in bash to pick out the correct files.

OK i am posting my full script [ its not heavy programming i guess :) ]
shall be grateful if  you/someone could review it . (its well commented i think)
script also carries sample data.

it does following
1. takes base backup to a destined folder by rsync
2. waits for .backup file to arrive in archive folder
   after pg_stop_bacup()
3. searches and removes unwanted archived log files.

I have run it many times in my server and it seems to
be working fine.

------------------------------------ BEGIN

# folder where base_backup is put
today=`date +%d-%m-%Y-%H-%M-%S`
RSYNC="/usr/bin/rsync  -a"

# two table spaces.


# folder where *archived* logs are put.


echo "Executing pg_start_backup with label $label in server ... "

# get the checkpoint at which backup starts
# the .backup files seems to be bearing this string in it.

CP=`$PSQL -q -Upostgres -d template1 -c "SELECT
pg_start_backup('$label');" -P tuples_only -P format=unaligned`

echo "Begin CheckPoint is $CP" # this contain string like A/681D1214

if [ $? -ne 0 ]
        echo "PSQL pg_start_backup failed"
        exit 1;
echo "pg_start_backup executed successfully"

echo "RSYNC begins.."

# rsync each of the folders to the backup folder.
for i in $TS1 $TS2 $PGDATADIR ;
        echo "Syncing $i .. "
        time $RSYNC $i $BACKUPFOLDER
        echo "Done"

# fortunately rsync does *not* seems to be exitting with non zero exit code
# for expected file disappearances and modifications.
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
        echo "RSYNC failed"
        exit 1;

echo "RSYNC Done successfully"

echo "Executing pg_stop_backup in server ... "
$PSQL -Upostgres template1 -c "SELECT pg_stop_backup();"
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
        echo "PSQL pg_stop_backup failed"
        exit 1;
echo "pg_stop_backup done successfully"
TO_SEARCH="00${CP:4}" # $TO_SEARCH contains 1D1214

# now remove the unneeded files.

# strip off first 4 chars from CP and prefix 00 to the result.
# search the file that has the Checkpoint in its filename.
# it takes a while to come, so wait till it comes.

while true; do
        REF_FILE=`ls -1 $WAL_ARCHIVE | grep $TO_SEARCH`
        if [ ! $REF_FILE ]; then
                echo  "Waitng for file with $TO_SEARCH in $WAL_ARCHIVE ... "
        sleep 1

# REF_FILE is 000000010000000A00000068.001D1214.backup.bz2

# take only first 24 chars and store.

# REF_FILE_NUM is 000000010000000A00000068


# iterate list of files in the WAL_ARCHIVE folder
for i in `ls -1 $WAL_ARCHIVE` ;
        # $i is :000000010000000A0000005D.bz2 eg
        # get first 24 chars in filename

        # compare if the number is less than the reference
        # here string comparison is being used.
        if [[ $FILE_NUM  < $REF_FILE_NUM ]]
                echo "$FILE_NUM [ $i ] removed"
                rm -f $WAL_ARCHIVE/$i
                echo "$FILE_NUM [ $i ] not removed"
------------------------------------ END

---------------------------------- REAL OUTPUT OF A RUN-----------------------
Executing pg_start_backup with label base_backup_29-03-2006-17-29-01
in server ...
Begin CheckPoint is A/681D1214
pg_start_backup executed successfully
RSYNC begins..
Syncing /mnt/disk4/bigtables ..

real    6m24.338s
user    1m12.831s
sys     0m55.295s
Syncing /mnt/disk3/indexspace ..

real    5m45.245s
user    0m32.520s
sys     0m26.567s
Syncing /mnt/disk5/pgdatadir ..
readlink pgdatadir/global/pgstat.tmp: No such file or directory
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(620)

real    12m1.844s
user    1m43.698s
sys     1m24.486s
RSYNC Done successfully
Executing pg_stop_backup in server ...
(1 row)

pg_stop_backup done successfully
Waitng for file with 001D1214 in /mnt/wal_archive ...
000000010000000A0000005D [
000000010000000A0000005D.003C0B54.backup.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A0000005D [ 000000010000000A0000005D.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A0000005E [ 000000010000000A0000005E.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A0000005F [ 000000010000000A0000005F.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000060 [ 000000010000000A00000060.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000061 [ 000000010000000A00000061.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000062 [ 000000010000000A00000062.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000063 [ 000000010000000A00000063.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000064 [ 000000010000000A00000064.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000065 [ 000000010000000A00000065.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000066 [ 000000010000000A00000066.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000067 [ 000000010000000A00000067.bz2 ] removed
000000010000000A00000068 [
000000010000000A00000068.001D1214.backup.bz2 ] not removed
000000010000000A00000068 [ 000000010000000A00000068.bz2 ] not removed
000000010000000A00000069 [ 000000010000000A00000069.bz2 ] not removed
000000010000000A0000006A [ 000000010000000A0000006A.bz2 ] not removed
000000010000000A0000006B [ 000000010000000A0000006B.bz2 ] not removed
000000010000000A0000006C [ 000000010000000A0000006C.bz2 ] not removed
000000010000000A0000006D [ 000000010000000A0000006D.bz2 ] not removed
000000010000000A0000006E [ 000000010000000A0000006E.bz2 ] not removed


>  Q2. We are attempting to automate the process of taking base backup and
> removal
>       of the unneeded WAL files. Is there any reliable way of knowing the
> WAL file X from
>       inside the shell script , such that files prior to X can be removed ?
>        from a shell script we issue pg_stop_backup() by psql -c , it returns
> something
>        which does not looks like a WAL file.
> Pg_stop_backup() returns the checkpoint record – something like 9/A0AC91 –
> this is purely a guess, but you might be able to find which backup file
> contains this checkpoint by taking the digits after the forward-slash in the
> checkpoint (i.e. A0AC91 in this case), then finding the filename that
> contains this – in my example it's 00009012514000916.A0AC91.backup,

I think its not correct , pg_start_backup() returns the checkpoint record
which becomes part of the backup filename.

 and grep
> the file for the number after the text "Start WAL Location: " in this file –
> then remove anything numerically less.
> It'd be a very "bitty" process, but I'm certain it could be done – it would
> need heavy testing over a period of backups though to ensure the wrong files
> are not being deleted.
>  Q3. tar exits with non zero status for the same reasons as mentioned in
> docs
>        is there any better archiving tool for this purpose ? can we use cp
> -a ?
> The WAL archive command can be set to use either cp or mv – then why not
> have a regular cronjob that runs a shell script to add any new files to your
> tar archive every time a new file is detected in your WAL-archive directory?

Hmmm you got me wrong, am talking about taking the base_backup not
archival of WAL segments

>  Regds
>  Rajesh Kumar Mallah.
>  !DSPAM:14,44293ed135042000516834!
>  Regards
> Andy Shellam

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